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noun: A unique social solution that includes a mobile app (iOS and Android) for kids and an administration website for parents.

verb: Text message. "I will Fretz you after school!"

Trying to stay one step ahead of our kids online often has us feeling like a pretzel, being pulled and twisted in all directions. We figure out a way to ensure they are safe with the latest and greatest apps, and then something new comes up that has us tied up in knots. It caused us to fret a lot! And so was born Fretzel; a safe social for kids app that won't have you bent out of shape!

COPPA stands for Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and is designed for websites and applications that are directed towards, and collect information from, children under the age of thirteen. At Fretzel, privacy and safety are at the core of our beliefs, and we have taken significant measures to ensure that we comply with COPPA and the related Federal Trade Commission regulations.

For more information on COPPA, please visit http://coppa.org.

Under, COPPA the operation of a chat service, even one like Fretzel's that has robust protections for children, constitutes disclosure of personal information and requires the service provider to obtain verifiable parental consent (such as through a credit card transaction, or other legal method) before collecting, using, or disclosing a child's personal information. Fretzel's information collection practices are outlined in detail in our Privacy Policy.

To provide this verification and your consent, you will need to pay a one-time downlaod fee through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The purpose for this fee is to ensure that the person consenting to a children's participation the Fretzel app or other Fretzel services is the child's parent or legal guardian. This method of consent is consistent with the requirements of COPPA, as well as Fretzel's objectives in providing a safe online environment for children.

For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

At Fretzel, we believe that kids should be enabled with some of the same types of technology that teenagers and adults have, but in a safe and controlled environment. With this in mind, we want Fretzel to be available for everyone to use, and this comes with our commitment to keep the basic features of the application free for kids to use. The only required cost to use Fretzel is a one-time fee from the App Store or Google Play, which we must collect in connection with our compliance under a law called COPPA (see the What is COPPA FAQ).

In addition to the free features, Fretzel enables parents to purchase additional plans that enable more governance and control over their kid's usage.

The Parent Administration Dashboard provides an overview of your child's activity, alerts and location. View their current month volume for texting, friend counts, friend requests and minutes used. You can also keep tabs on the location of your child's device, which will display their current location if Fretzel is running, or the location of their device when Fretzel was last running.

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The Friend Manager allows you to review and approve open friend requests, as well as keep a close eye on the friends that are in your child's approved contact list. Remember that you can also remove a current friend at any time.

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Time Controls enable governance over daily usage limits and daily schedules. You can establish the times of each day of the week that your child can use Fretzel, as well as time limits for how long your child can use Fretzel within those schedules. Time Control is part of Fretzel's Digital Gatekeeper subscription plan and can be purchased through the Parental Controls > Subscription Plans menu.

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The Notification Center provides a detailed review of your notification past and present. Parents can scroll through the various alerts and notification messages to determine if any further action is necessary.

In addition, the Notification Center enables parents to enable and disable a variety of additional parental controls and alerts.

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Communication History helps parents monitor and review their child's usage and the content they are sharing. Fretzel logs every text conversation so that parents can review these logs without having to sneak onto their kids' devices.

Communication History is part of Fretzel's Digital Gatekeeper subscription plan and can be purchased through the Parental Controls > Subscription Plans menu.

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Before kids can use Fretzel, parental consent is required, and this starts with a registration request email initiated by your child.

When your child first registers from their mobile device, they must provide a parent's email address in order to obtain consent.

Each request comes with a unique registration code that you'll be asked to enter upon registering.

Registration should take no longer than a few minutes. You must first provide your contact information along with the unique code from your registration request email. We then ask that you review and accept our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and COPPA requirement.

As a parent, your time is precious, and we appreciate having you spend a few minutes to ensure that your kids and your kid's friends have a safe and fun experience using Fretzel!

We take security very seriously. We have partnered with PayPal and Authorize.net for payment processing, allowing our customers to use either a PayPal account or a credit card. We also use InfusionSoft, a secure, third party service to handle all online purchases. Fretzel LLC DOES NOT store your credit card information after payment is made.

Fretzel will be available soon in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After downloading the FREE Fretzel app, kids start the registration process on their mobile device in the My Details screen, where they will enter their First Name, User Name and Password.

The next step is to select a profile picture from the ones Fretzel provides or from their device's camera or Photo Library.

The final step is to enter their Parent's details. Because Fretzel allows kids to chat in a safe environment, we require parents to approve each user registration.

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Texting allows kids to type, add emoticons and share pictures with one or as many frends as they have! By selecting the smiley face icon to the left of the text box, the many built-in emoticons will appear. Selecting the camera icon allows them to share images.

Select the icon in the bottom left corner to view the menu of additional options. Kids can view all friends in the current chat, add additional friends to the conversation, delete the conversation from the current device (no need to worry parents; we keep all conversation history for you to view on the parent admin website), and leave the current chat at any time.

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Fretzel users are unique, and so is the Fretzel experience. In addition to creating a personalized user name and profile image, kids can customize the font display type and color used in their text chats. With more than 60 combinations of fonts and colors, kids can change their mind each week of the year and still not try them all!

In addition to customizing fonts, kids can show their personality through any number of chat bubble colors. The color wheel has over 100 colors to choose from.

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