Safe Texting For Kids ...and their parents!

Fretzel: Safe Social Platform for Kids

Fretzel offers a solution for parents to coach their kids on how to behave in the digital world. Unlike other communication solutions on the market, Fretzel's patent-pending technology was built from the ground up for kids and their parents.

Fretzel includes built-in parental controls to ensure kids have fun in a safe environment while their parents sleep well at night knowing they are raising digitally conscious kids. Education in these formative years can go a long way towards cyberbullying awareness and prevention as our kids transition into more unstructured and unsupervised forums.

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As kids begin their transition into using technology to communicate, it is so important that we as parents help guide and teach them how to be responsible digital citizens. We created Fretzel to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn with the appropriate parental governance.

Andy Rachmiel, Founder and Dad

Fretzel for Kids

Text Messaging

Type, add built-in emoticons and share pictures. Fretzel lets you add an unlimited number of friends to a conversation, and at any time you can add more friends to, remove someone from or leave the conversation.

Awesome Avatars and Emoticons

Facial expressions, sports, animals, flowers, musical instruments - oh my! With almost 100 built-in emoticons and avatar images, your personality will shine through with Fretzel!

Customizable Features

Fretzel knows that all kids are unique, so in addition to creating a personalized user name and profile image, you can customize your fonts, font color and chat bubble colors from millions of combinations. Change your colors and fonts as often as you like!

Fretzel for Parents

Parent Dashboard

Real-time overviews of your children's activity, alerts and location are available at your fingertips. View their current month volume for texting, voice call, video call and friend counts. You can also keep tabs on the location of their device.

Friend Manager

Review and approve open friend requests, as well as keep a close eye on the friends that are in your child's approved contact list.

Time Controls

Govern your child's daily usage and schedule with ease. You have full control over the schedule and time each day that your child can use Fretzel. You make the rules, and we can play the bad guy.

Notification Center

Access a detailed review of your notification past and present to determine if any further action is necessary. Is there a new friend request to be approved or a less than appropriate word used in a chat? Fretzel will let you know!

Communication History

Fretzel helps you parent in the digital age. Monitor and review your child's conversations even if they remove them from their device. Fretzel logs every text conversation so that parents can review without having to sneak onto their kids devices.

Subscription Plans

Fretzel's core features are free for parents. We offer subscription plans that cost less than a few cups of coffee per year for parents that want access to the extra governance features.